Employee Benefit Brokers and Consultants

Start-up Organizations

Planning on launching a new enterprise? If you need to know what a benefit package will look like and it’s expected costs prior to hiring the first employee, we can help.

We start with location analysis, which includes competitive employment and benefit surveying to identify what a competitive benefit offering looks like. We also make certain we know the marketplace and any nuances a particular location presents. We then couple our experience in RFD development and our successful reputation with other clients to encourage vendors to compete aggressively for your business. Our experience in delivering this service in numerous locations, around the country and with various industries gives us every confidence we can deliver an equally satisfying result for your start up or expansion.

Working with a client’s early stage management, we’ve been able to launch complete benefit plans before most employees are even hired. This affords our clients the comfort of knowing they are offering a package that will attract and retain the best human talent and the security of knowing what that package will cost before the launch.